holy snap unicorn rap

well if you want to see MCs then come see this MCs out to please, but without disease.

(slim shady gangster life *dab* stop this a collab *dab*)

Flyer than the zipper on your pants
Flying out your tweeters
And your amps
Tell your uncles and auntsI hold the mic like a weapon
Or at least a water hose:
Step off
Or get a steady stream of water up your nose

‘Cause I’m a thug like that
I can’t be trusted
Go out of town,
Come back
And your mailbox’ll be busted

All you other MC’s
You’re the best inferior
I squish your face like a zit

And leave you oozing down the mirror

The landfill called
They want their smelly rhymes back
Your weakness is exposed like my plumber’s crack

I’m like the Terminator and the Predator
If you put them both together
Invisible and robotic
Quizzical and hypnotic

I wrote the recipe for the perfect MC flow
I also wrote the recipe for green bean casserole

I can rap about food and make you hungry
I can rap about water and make you spongy

I can rap about a blanket and make you snugly
But I can’t write a rap that won’t make you ugly

What do you think about Rhett and Link,
MC’s extraordinare
Captains of bunk
Shake the junk in your trunk
And raise your hands up in the air

 Copyright to Rhett and Link

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